1st Edition/Volume 2/Publication 1



Something good has happened in America.  If you were to put a name on it – the word ‘hope’ would be a great choice. As friend once said, “It’s fun to watch God when He’s up to something.”  Many prognosticators and prophets are saying that God is up to something and that He is going  to make America great again.    

If these predictions are true, it will not be because  we are more deserving, moral or even smarter than other nations but because our founding fathers had a covenant with God.  It was not a written covenant like that with ancient Israel recorded in the Bible.  But it was unwritten – an implied covenant – it went something like this, “If you will be with us, God, prosper us and bless us, we will serve you, acknowledge that all good things come from you, and give you the glory.”  We were faithful to our promises for a time.  We acknowledged Him as the Source of our  protection and prosperity in our government documents, on our buildings, on our money, in the celebration of our holidays and in our school text books.   

And bless us He did.  From sea to shining sea He honored the covenant and crowned all that we did with incredible prosperity, growth and military power.   We were able to preserve the delicate balance of power between the most powerful government in the history of the world and, at the same time, the most freedom for its people.  Those who think that this could have been done without the favor of God in heaven need only look at the history of failed democracies.  While ministering in a foreign country recently, I learned that its people had been governed under 38 different constitutions.

Yes, for 200 years we kept our part of the covenant.  Our performance was not perfect, of course. But for the most part, we were faithful to our promises.  Even after the ugly blotch of black slavery, we managed to honor God not only in church on Sunday morning but in even in the private sector He was the theme in much of our art, music, drama, and the media. We even told our children about Him in our schools and they could talk about Jesus without being sent to the principal’s office.

We were humbly, and yet proudly, a Christian nation.  We fed the poor around the world and opened our shores to the persecuted and oppressed. Like no other nation before us, we sent missionaries into all the world who preached the good news of Jesus, the Savior. We were best friends with God’s favorite – the people of Israel.  We were not perfect, but this was America – the land of the free – the envy of the nations. 


What went wrong?  There is little need to recite all of our problems but we all will admit that our country is in trouble.  We are hopelessly divided and the last eight years proved that promises can be flat out lies made with straight faces by presidential candidates.   We no longer can enjoy the ignorant bliss that our government is always working in our best interests – that some politicians and bureaucrats will favor the interests of complete strangers sweeping illegally across our borders over our citizens if it will secure their positions of power and fat salaries for years to come. And in order to weed out future political dissidents they read our emails and logged the phone calls of ordinary American citizens in the name of fighting terrorism. And then they lied to us about it. 

 We thought we were a Christian nation until we were told otherwise by our President. Some of us were uninformed.  Some of us were misinformed by the mainstream media. And some of us were so intimidated by ‘political correctness’ (which in this writer’s humble opinion is the trick of the Devil to control a free society) that we dared not make a peep.’   So we elected a president who professed Christianity but mocked its founding document – the Holy Bible – announcing that it had no place in the formation of public policy.  Who was inspired to comment on the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”  Who openly wrote in his New York Times bestseller The Audacity of Hope, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”    Under his leadership we saw every federal agency including the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency ludicrously deny the connection between Islam and terrorism around the globe. While untold thousands of Muslim immigrants flood into the United States every month.  And while there are 1,000 active FBI investigations of terrorism in America, the official position of the United States government is: “there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist.” In the implementation of the last administration’s policies we discovered the faces of the enemies of freedom.

The administration did not tell us nor did the mass media.  But we learned the shocking truth that through the refugee resettlement program and the unenforced border laws, we have tens of thousands of Muslims coming into the country who have not been adequately vetted and many are coming from terrorist hot spots like Syria and Somalia.  Most of them are being supported by government programs which give them medical cards, food stamps, housing and preference over unemployed American citizens in the workplace. This is taking place while we watch the 6 o’clock news that tells us that Muslim terrorists are killing Americans while double talking politicians assure us that there is no connection between Islam and the human carnage.

Those who read their Bibles know that it had to happen – that the last days would see an increase in the manifestation of the spirit of antichrist. I pray that we Christians will not forget the apprehension we felt as we stared down the barrel of a gun dreading the next eight years of the same stuff. The scary part is that we have career politicians and government bureaucrats at the local, state and federal level who heartily support our present policies. Scarier than that is that the Democratic presidential candidate in the 2016 election almost became the next president after endorsing the former immigration policies, the coddling of jihadist Islam, infanticide of the unborn, preference for immigrants in the workplace and the removal of our borders. And even scarier than that is that President Obama to this day enjoys a favorability rating among Americans of over 50%. 

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States.  But the battle is far from over. Socialist and jihadist operatives intend to attack and delegitimize his presidency until they regain power while others have slithered into hiding, licking their wounds awaiting another day when an open declaration of war has a better chance of destroying Christianity, democracy and freedom.  I predict that very soon we will see spiritual warfare in America like never before. The enemy is still deeply embedded in our government, universities and media.  They still occupy positions of great influence, wealth and power.

God had mercy on America and gave us back our country last November.  In the days ahead will we confess our sins of killing the unborn?  Of same sex marriage? Of removing God from our public institutions?  Of hatred and violence in our streets?  Will we ask His forgiveness?  Will we acknowledge Him as the source of our blessings? Will we look back on this time as the beginning of a golden age when America once again becomes the envy of the world?

Or will we see it as a space that God gave us to repent?  And we didn’t.



Prophetic Dreams


Dreams can be scary.  I certainly don’t mean to scare anyone in relating the following experiences I had several years ago. But I feel compelled to share with the readers of Crosspointe what I believe God has shown me.  The good part is that dreams are often a warning from God to get his people to pray for a different result.  I believe the following is a warning dream.  

Personal Note from the Editor:  I grew up a Methodist and had never heard of the idea that God speaks to people today in dreams and visions. Not long after I accepted Christ at the age of `17 I began to have visions and dreams.  Some of them were prophetic and came to pass shortly afterward. I was amazed.  One night God awakened me.  I sat straight up in bed and he began to recite a poem to me.  It actually rhymed and metered.  It was very short and spoke of a time of sadness that would come upon America and how we would survive it.  He told me the formula for survival when the day came.  It would be to praise God for everything.

I had many experiences like this through the years.  On December 1, 2011 I had a dream.  Alma and I were in Cincinnati, Ohio. There had been a blackout and the city was totally dark. We were on foot and walking in an easterly direction on a street north of downtown.  Even though it was pitch black I could make out what seemed to be massive throbbing ‘thing’ to our right in the heart of the city. I can still see it in my mind’s eye.  I had the sensation that it was ready to explode with volcanic fury.  I thought a nuclear meltdown was imminent.  I later researched and found that there are no nuclear reactors in or near Cincinnati. But Duke Energy which supplies electricity to most of Ohio including Cincinnati has several nuclear reactors in the Carolinas and Florida.      

The scene changed and it was daylight.  We were standing with people on the interstate east of the city which I presume was I-71. There were no cars or trucks. They were huddled in small groups as if waiting for someone to tell them what to do.  Alma said to me, “Why don’t you tell them what the Lord said to you?”  I began shouting ‘Fifty five years ago today the Lord spoke to me and this is what He said:

“Sobbing nights, sobbing days and sobbing nights together,

Praise God for everything, everyone is together”

I began screaming at the top of my lungs exhorting the people, “Praise God, praise God, Praise God.”

The scene changed again and the interstate was filled with people all walking shoulder to shoulder toward the south.  The interstate was a river of people as for as the eye could see.  I saw a ramp to my right which accessed the ramp and it was just as packed as the interstate.  Fights were breaking out as the people on the interstate were resisting them shouting that there was no room for them. 

I saw among the ramp people what appeared to be angels in luminous clothing. Thinking they were there to help, I began to cry out, “Let them on! Let them on!”  Then, I woke up.  


In another compelling confirmation which I won’t relate now, I predict that there will be a blackout of Duke Energy north of the Ohio River at some point in time.  It could be in the next fifteen minutes or fifteen years. I have no idea how widespread it will be or whether things like this will occur at other places and times in America. 


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