Billy and Dana Arnett

Billy and Dana Arnett

We are so thankful for the ministry of this mighty man of God. Curt and Alma Davis have been there when we needed help, and the spiritual guidance they have provided us has been greatly appreciated through the years. A visionary of the WAR REVIVAL, Pastor Curt has served on the WAR COUNCIL since it’s beginning in 2009.

Not only are they friends in ministry, but he and Sister Alma have been loyal, faithful friends on a personal basis and we are looking forward to the future of Curt Davis Ministries and how the Lord will use this awesome weapon forged by his hand, for the glory of the Kingdom.

From Dana:

Thank you for heeding the call. Thank you for going far and near to release the miracle working power into the lives of lost and hurting people all over the Globe!

Thank you for reflecting God’s love, his nature and his purpose! You walk with an anointing that changes the atmosphere of hopelessness to hope, energy and life!!

I am a life, that’s def”nitely changed… for you… are one of God’s elect, a saint that has enough of his love and his spirit, to look beyond faults and failures and recognize needs and potential.

I never felt condemned or criticized when at a crossroad in a desert..and experiencing one bad consequence after another, in my life!

Instead,.,I was able to experience forgiveness, gentle instruction and a place where healing could begin within!!…all because you and your beautiful bride helped me to walk it out by his word and his spirit. Your example led me to embrace a new beginning, without looking back, a new me, without the ashes, and a new walk without the side roads!

Thank you Curt and Alma for reaching beyond human limitations and releasing God’s absolute best over a people who are crying out from either determination, mere desperation or both.