The Chaos Strategy: Urgent Novel Calls on Nation to “Wake from Slumber” and Prepare to Fight against Incoming Season of Chaos

Masterfully crafted by Curt Davis, ‘The Chaos Strategy: The Plan to Take Over America’ fuses current events, Biblical truths, prophecy and fiction – sending a very real message to the nation of the imminent dangers that lay ahead; a storm America is yet to figure out if it’s brave enough to weather. Follow the adventure of a high-level Government official as he journeys to Israel on a mission with stakes so high that humanity could be changed forever. But this is so much more than fiction, it’s the author’s own attempt to make citizens wake up to a New World Order they are so blissfully brushing under the rug.

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Somerset, Kentucky – According to Curt Davis, Satan only has one more obstacle to overcome before the world is finally taken over by evil; a systematic onslaught of chaos that will dismantle society and bring in the New World Order. But the nation is refusing to listen and, in a last-ditch attempt to spread the urgency of this impending doom, Davis has turned to fiction as a vehicle to ensure his voice isn’t silenced.
‘The Chaos Strategy: The Plan to Take Over America’ isn’t a work of thoroughbred fiction, it’s an adventure through current events, Biblical prophecies and the clash between four ideologies that could well be about to rid society of its life for good.

Is America about to be plunged into a season of chaos? Is there going to be a governmental takeover in order to ensure the peace and security of America as we know it?

Accompany David, a high-level government official, as he journeys to Israel on a high-stakes secret mission. After meeting with government officials from the Middle East, he realizes that America is about to be submerged into a time of turmoil and terror. However, a visit from an angelic messenger reveals that the storm has only begun. Can David and Maria, his fiancee, tell the people of America the truth—and will they believe it—before it’s too late? 

The Chaos Strategy is an urgent message to the people of America, warning them of the imminent dangers that lie ahead—dangers that already pose a threat to the existence of America as we know it. Join the main characters David and Maria as they unravel the truth about the New World Order and the plan to use chaos in order to dismantle the main power that stands in the way—which is a free America. As they take this journey into chaos, will they find themselves swept up in it or will God see them through it?

“While this book may appear to be a prediction of doom and gloom, its underlying message is one of Jesus Christ’s ability to save us as the deadly storms approach, if only we’ll be believe in Him and give Him a chance,” explains Davis, Founder of Curt Davis Ministries. “We certainly face make-or-break times ahead and I’ve noticed our nation’s lack of urgency to acknowledge and address the chaos that has already started seeping into society. This book is my attempt to make people wake up and see the truth through an adventure that is also engrossing and hugely entertaining.”

Continuing, “Readers will be left re-examining every shred of their existence and hopefully empowered to embrace a newfound commitment to their faith. David’s story is a microcosm of all of our lives – representing our vulnerability and naivety.”

Critics have come out in force with rave reviews. For example, a testimonial on the author’s official website hails the volume as, “…by far, the most hard-hitting, power packed, and insightful account of current events available in a story-based novel. The time has come for the people of America to awaken from their slumber and become aware of the imminent dangers that lie ahead.”

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