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One cold winter night in 1991, an angel of the Lord
appeared to Pastor Curt Davis in a dream.
The angel took him inside a great round building and levitated him up above thousands of seats arranged in three tiers. The roof of the building was unique and memorable. It was held together with cables. The angel told him that he would preach the Gospel there. And that he was specifically called to the country of Panama and two other countries.

When Pastor Davis awoke, he knew that the dream was from God.

Although he had never been to Latin America and couldn’t speak a word of Spanish, he began traveling to Panama. On his first trip, he met a woman named Alma Torres. She was a well known local evangelist with a daily radio program in David, the second largest city in Panama. Alma was an
excellent interpreter and soon they were ministering

Some of the churches they visited only had 20 or 30 people and were just tin roofs on poles. But God was faithful and many people were saved, healed and delivered. There were many outstanding miracles.

Over a six year period, Brother Davis made 20 evangelical trips to Panama and faithfully ministered wherever the Lord opened the doors…on radio and television programs,
evangelical rallies, youth meetings, pastors’ conferences and meetings with business leaders. He never forgot the vision from God andbelieved that someday he would minister in the great round building of his dream.

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